Edora Bohnenkraut ( savory herbs) 20g

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  • Edora Bohnenkraut ( savory herbs) 20g
  • Edora Bohnenkraut ( savory herbs) 20g
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Edora Bohnenkraut ( savory herbs) 20g

Product information "Bankraut, Thuringian"

Other names: pepper herb, Kölle, winter mountain mint, saturei, pickling herb, Churiza

English: Savory
French: Sariette
Italian: Santoreggia
Spanish: Sabroso

Very aromatic top quality from the well-known herb cultivation areas in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.
Popular addition to dishes with beans, pea stew and other hearty stews, e.g. Potato soup. Chopped meat, fillings, trout, homemade sausages and the so-called farmer's meal (roast potatoes with black pudding, onions and scrambled eggs) can also be given your own flavor with savory.
Savory is the formative spice of Bulgarian cuisine. The Bulgarian spice mixture "Scahrena Sol" (= colorful salt) also consists largely of Churiza (=bulg.: savory), here in Germany the mixture is also known as "Tschubriza".

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