Werners Klosse Raw Dumplings Mix 315g

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Werners Klosse Raw Dumplings Mix 315g


Not only in Thuringia a Sunday and public holiday dish.
Vogtland / Thuringian dumplings are suitable as a side dish for game dishes,
sauerbraten and poultry roasts.

Our Vogtland / Thuringian dumplings are gluten-free, lactose-free,
without colorings and without added flavors.

Package content:       - 8 dumplings to shape yourself


Werner's Vogtland / Thuringian dumplings 8 pieces of

Potato starch
Table salt


Werner's Vogtland / Thuringian dumplings 8 pieces

Average nutritional information
According to the cooking instructions for the prepared product.


  per 100 g
Calorific value in kJ 427.0
Calorific value in kcal 101.0
Protein in g 1.4
Carbohydrates in g 22.4
Sugar in g 0.1
Fat in g 0.02
of which saturated fatty acids in g 0.01
Salt in g 0.6

1 serving = 2 dumplings á approx 90 g, corresponds to 170., 1 kcal

corresponds to the day of going to press. The nutritional information may change
due to the physiological properties of the raw materials


Werner's Vogtland / Thuringian dumplings 8 pieces

  1. Use a whisk to stir the contents of the packet into 500 ml of cold water and let it soak for 10 minutes

  2. Shape 8 dumplings with moistened hands (press a few toasted white bread cubes into the middle of the dumpling if you like)

  3. Place the dumplings in boiling, lightly salted water (1 g in 1 liter of water), bring to the boil briefly and leave to steep for about 20 minutes over low heat.

  4. Take the dumplings out of the water, place on a plate and arrange as desired.

Good appetite

Important: Never fry dishes Kloßmischung in fat floating because of splashes!

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