Abend Brot Box

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  • Old World German Farmer's Bread
  • German Kommis Bread
  • Old World German Bauernbrot Bread
  • Tiroler Price Per Package 10.8oz
  • Course Liverwurst w/ spices 8oz.
  • Jagdwurst Specialty with spices 12oz each
  • Gelbwurst Specialty with spices  12oz each
  • Bologna with Herbs  12oz each
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"Abend Brot," a traditional German term, translates to "evening bread" or "supper bread" in English. It refers to a simple yet cherished meal typically enjoyed in the evening hours, particularly in German-speaking regions.

The essence of Abend Brot lies in its simplicity and wholesomeness. It's a time-honored tradition where families and individuals come together to unwind and savor a satisfying meal after a long day. While the components may vary depending on personal preferences and regional influences, there are a few staples that commonly grace the Abend Brot table.

At its core, Abend Brot revolves around freshly baked bread, often sourced from local bakeries or homemade with care. This bread serves as the foundation for a variety of toppings and accompaniments. Common choices include an array of cheeses, cold cuts such as ham or salami, pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a selection of spreads like butter, mustard, or jams.

What makes Abend Brot special is not just the food itself but also the communal aspect surrounding it. Families and friends gather around the table, engaging in lively conversation, sharing stories of the day, and enjoying each other's company. It's a time to unwind, connect, and appreciate the simple joys of good food and good company.

Overall, Abend Brot embodies the concept of Gemütlichkeit, a German term signifying a sense of warmth, coziness, and conviviality. Whether enjoyed in the comfort of one's home or at a local tavern, Abend Brot offers a moment of respite and nourishment, enriching both the body and the soul.

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