Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)

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  • Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)
  • Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)
  • Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)
  • Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)
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Mifroma Emmentaler Mild Swiss Cheese (per 1lb.)

The pale and creamy Emmentaler AOP is the most iconic of all Swiss cheesescharacterized by its mild flavour and cherry-sized holes. Our world-famous cheese with holes takes its name from the eponymous valley in the heart of Switzerland, the Emmen Valley. The first Emmentaler cheese was produced in Alpine pastures in the 13th century for the farmers’ own consumption and as a means of preserving milk.

Today, Emmentaler AOP is still produced according to the original recipe of that time. Production is controlled by the consortium, whose mission is to ensure that each wheel is produced according to the rules governing the AOP label. The producers of the milk used to make this cheese must therefore adhere to strict specifications. The cheese dairies are also selected and granted the right to produce a limited number of wheels of cheese per year. Currently only 135 artisanal cheese dairies are allowed to produce Emmentaler AOP.

Each cheese wheel is made from unpasteurised milk produced in the region of origin by cows fed on grass and hay but no silage. Wheels are round, slightly domed, approximately 1 metre in diameter and between 18 and 27 cm thick, with an average weight of 95 kg.



After 4 months’ maturing in the cheesemaker’s cellar, Mifroma takes the best Emmentaler AOP wheels from its selected suppliers to its own natural cave in Reichenbach, where they continue to mature to 12 months.

After this second maturation period, the wheels develop a distinctly tangy flavour while still retaining the typical nutty taste.


Made in Switzerland

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    very good

    Posted by Elke Keil on 25th Jan 2024

    Love Old World and miss it

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