Daelmans Coffee Stroopwafels (230g)

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Are you a real coffee lover? Then these coffee Stroopwafels are a perfect match for you! This Hexa box is filled with 8 Stroopwafels. Delicious caramel syrup filling squeezed in between two thin layers of freshly baked dough. Unlike our original Stroopwafel, the soft toasted waffle tastes like coffee. Experience it yourself!

Our favorite way to thoroughly enjoy a Stroopwafel is to warm it up over a steaming hot cup of coffee. With these delicious coffee Stroopwafels you make your coffee ritual complete! Rest a Stroopwafel on top of your hot cup of coffee. Wait for about two minutes to allow the caramel to get all soft and melty. Your wafel is now ready. Go on then, bite into the gooey goodness!

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