Chocapic Cereal (430g)

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Created in 1984, you all know the story of CHOCAPIC® cereal. One day, a wave of chocolate flooded a field of wheat. Et Paf! It made CHOCAPIC®! Delicious, but not just that. Since 2016, CHOCAPIC® has enjoyed doing things in a much more responsible way, in particular by establishing a partnership with local farmers in France to limit its impact on the environment. With this PRÉFÉRENCE approach, farmers are better paid for producing better quality wheat! CHOCAPIC® uses only local factories that are more respectful of the environment in most of the markets (France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Chile), fully recyclable packs (cardboard and plastic) and an ORGANIC version which today embodies a commitment at the heart of our values. Thanks to more than 17 years of improving its recipe, CHOCAPIC® cereals proudly display a Nutri-Score A (in Europe), find the complete list of ingredients and the nutritional values ​​of the entire range of CHOCAPIC® cereals on the product pages.

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