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Dr. Oetker Himbeer-Sahne-Creme (62g)

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Dr. Oetker Himbeer-Sahne-Creme 63g



Raspberry cream

Wonderfully creamy dessert enjoyment with the typical delicious raspberry-cream taste of the cake classic

The raspberry-cream-cream has sophistication: If you like the raspberry-cream-cake, then you will love this dessert. It combines the typical taste of the classic cake with the creamy style of a dessert.

Delight your friends or family with the fine fruity note of raspberries. And you don't have to spend a lot of time preparing it. The raspberry cream from Dr. Oetker is quick and easy: you just have to whip up the dessert powder with a little cold milk and then chill. After the short cooling time, the raspberry cream is ready to be enjoyed. Round off the dessert with raspberries or other berry fruits. This gives Dr.'s raspberry cream cream Oetker an additional fresh shade.

The cream offers many recipe ideas. Give the Italian dessert classic Tiramisu with Dr. Oetkers raspberry cream cream has a fruity and delicious taste.

However you enjoy the cake dessert, the raspberry cream is always a fresh and special treat.



Allergenic ingredients

Calories and nutritional values ​​of raspberry cream

One serving corresponds to: 1/2 of the prepared product (= 156 g)
energy 1785 kJ
422 kcal
516 kJ
122 kcal
804 kJ
191 kcal
10th %
10th %
fat 8.2 G 2.9 G 4.6 G 7 %
hereof: saturated fatty acids 6.7 G 2.1 G 3.2 G 16 %
carbohydrates 83 G 20th G 32 G 12th %
of which sugars 60 G 16 G 25th G 27th %
protein 2nd G 3.1 G 4.8 G 10th %
salt 0.44 G 0.19 G 0.29 G 5 %
* Reference amount for an average adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal).
    0.13 G 0.29 G 5 %
* Reference amount for an average adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal).

More information about the product


At this point, we point out to consumers with allergies or intolerances that this product contains, according to the law, ingredients subject to labeling or may contain traces of allergens that can trigger allergic or other intolerance reactions, namely:

Milk and milk products (including lactose)





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