Werners Kartoffel Instant Suppe 1x4

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Werners Kartoffel Instant Suppe 1x4 

The potato soup is the most popular soup in the cold season.
It warms you up inside and is quick to prepare.

Our potato soup is gluten-free, low in fat and
suitable for vegetarians.

Package content:       - Potato soup for 4 plates

Werner's potato soup

Potatoes (76%), iodized table salt, potato starch, seasoning, vegetables (carrots, onions, peppers, parsnips, leeks), maltodextrin, herbs, sugar, spices, sunflower oil, natural flavor, flavor enhancer disodium inosinate and guanylate, emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, antioxidant ascorbyl palmitate and SODIUM DISULFIT , acidifier citric acid Packaged in a

protective atmosphere.


Werner's potato soup

Average nutritional information
According to cooking instructions for prepared product.


  per 100 g
Calorific value in kj 96.7
Calorific value in kcal 22.8
Protein in g 0.6
Carbohydrates in g 4.7
of which sugar in g 0.3
Fat in g 0.1
of which saturated fatty acids in g 0.01
Salt in g 0.5

1 serving = 250 ml, corresponds to 57.1 kcal

Werner's potato soup

  1. Use a whisk to stir the contents of the packet into 1 liter of boiling water, leaving no lumps.

  2. Let the soup steep for about 1 minute and stir again briefly.

  3. Put the soup on a plate and arrange as desired.

Preparation in the microwave

, stir the contents of the packet into 1 liter of cold water and heat it openly for about 8 minutes at 650 watts, stirring briefly once in between.
Put the soup on a plate and arrange as desired.

Our potato soup is mildly seasoned, as it enhances the potato flavor. An individual refinement can be made at will.

Good Appetite

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