Maggi Sauce zu Braten (3 Pack) 750ml

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Maggi Sauce zu Braten  (3 Pack) 750ml

Product Information

Maggi delicacy sauce for roasts is perfect for anyone who likes to try hearty meat recipes and who wants to realize their own sauce ideas. Because the sauce for roast from Maggi is the ideal basis for your own sauce creations. Give the sauce a personal touch and refine it every day.

Sauce with roast tastes great with many meat dishes

There's nothing like a delicious, harmoniously tasted sauce with meat dishes! Every sauce idea succeeds with Maggi delicacy sauce for roasting. The dark sauce goes well with strong roasts, spicy roulades, fine schnitzel, savory sliced ​​meat and delicious dumplings.

Simply stir the contents of a single packet of Maggi Delikatess Sauce into roast in 250 ml of hot water and bring to the boil briefly. Then refine the sauce as you like with red wine, whipped cream, tomato paste or mustard. The delicious, dark sauce is ready! Fill in sauce jugs or serve directly on the plate.

Maggi Delicacy Sauce for Roasts
• Ideal for extending, seasoning and tying your own sauce ideas
• Particularly tasty with hearty meat dishes such as roasts, roulades, schnitzel, sliced ​​meat and dumplings
• There are creative, tasty recipe ideas for more inspiration and variety on the packages and on
• Can be super refined with red wine, whipped cream, tomato paste or mustard.
• Quick and easy to prepare

Product ingredients

Ingredients: iodized salt, rice flour, starch, palm fat, flavors (with BARLEY), WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, yeast extract, 3.5% tomatoes, guar gum thickener, maltodextrin, 2.4% onions, peppers, spices, acidifier citric acid. May contain EGGS, MILK, SOYA, CELERY and MUSTARD.
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