Maggi Fondor Can 200g

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Maggi Fondor Can 200g

Product Information

MAGGI Fondor gives many different dishes the final taste. The popular seasoning in the distinctive yellow-red can underlines the taste of the dishes - and has been since 1954. Easy to dose and really tasty!

The ideal condiment - simple and versatile
Whether for seasoning vegetables, meat or fish, as soup seasoning or as a seasoning for French fries - with the practical MAGGI Fondor storage jar you have the right spice for every dish in the house. Fondor is also perfect for refining delicious pasta and potato dishes and for tasting crispy salads! Simply add when cooking or refine the food directly at the table. Flavor delicious - without additional salting - this is how modern cooking works today! MAGGI Fondor in the practical 200 g can with sprinkler attachment can be dosed individually. For those who like to cook and love spicy dishes, the fine seasoning in stock format is the ideal choice.

MAGGI Fondor can
• Ideal for vegetables, salads , sauces, soups, pasta, potatoes, rice dishes, meat and fish
• Refines the taste and gives dishes a fine flavor
• Simply add during cooking or use afterwards to taste.
• The proven condiment since 1954
• Creative and delicious recipe ideas for more inspiration and variety when cooking can be found on

Product ingredients

Ingredients: iodized salt, starch, flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, palm fat, spices, herbs, flavors (with SELLERIE). May contain gluten-containing cereals, eggs, milk, soy and mustard.
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