Maggi Fix Spaghetti Bolognese mit tomaten 36g

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  • Maggi Fix Spaghetti Bolognese mit tomaten 36g
  • Maggi Fix Spaghetti Bolognese mit tomaten 36g
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Maggi Fix Spaghetti Bolognese mit tomaten 36g


Maggi Fix for spaghetti bolognese: the Italian classic with sun-ripened tomatoes

If you can't get enough of the full-bodied taste of delicious spaghetti bolognese, you can be happy: The Italian classic among pasta dishes is prepared easily and quickly with Maggi Fix for spaghetti bolognese. In a short time, the favorite spaghetti in spicy Bolognese sauce are already on the plate. 100% natural ingredients - deliciously refined with sun-ripened tomatoes and selected herbs.

Guarantee of success and enjoyment

The recipe of the MAGGI seasoning mixture already contains seasoning ingredients that are needed for a Bolognese sauce. The carefully selected herbs and spices are perfectly matched and give the fresh ingredients the perfect seasoning. Reseasoning is no longer necessary. Thus, MAGGI Fix products are the ideal helper in everyday life to prepare dishes easily and quickly.

What else is needed in addition to the fix for spaghetti bolognese?

• 250g spaghetti

• 200g mixed minced meat (alternatively beef)

• 2TL oil


Cook spaghetti. Brown minced meat in hot oil. Pour 250ml of water, stir in the contents of the bag and approx. Cook for 5 minutes with medium heat supply. Stir occasionally. Serve sauce with the spaghetti.

A fresh, crisp salad tastes good as a side dish.

The Nutri score explains for this product:
This product has the Nutri score A. For the calculation of the Nutri score, a separate algorithm was developed by the French health authorities: In addition to the energy content, "less positive" nutrients such as sugar, saturated fatty acids and salt as well as "positive" ingredients such as fiber and proteins per 100 grams and 100 milliliters are evaluated. The proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts also counts in the score.
After "positive" and "less positive" ingredients have been compared, the products can be classified on the scale. This starts with a dark green "A" (cheaper choice) and ends with a red "E" (less favorable choice). By combining color and letter scale, you can see the nutritional profile of your favorite product at a glance.

Product ingredients

Ingredients: 66.4% tomatoes, sea salt, spices (onions, garlic, pepper, peppers), sugar, 2.5% herbs (oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf), carrots, sunflower oil. May contain GLUTEN-CONTAINING CEREALS, CELERY, EGGS, MILK, MUSTARD and SOY.
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