Maggi Fix Schweinebraten mit würziger sauce 36g

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  • Maggi Fix Schweinebraten mit würziger sauce 36g
  • Maggi Fix Schweinebraten mit würziger sauce 36g
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Maggi Fix Schweinebraten mit würziger sauce 36g

Product information

Not only die-hard roast fans get their money's worth here. Hardly anyone can say no to a good roast pork. With MAGGI Fix for roast pork, the classic succeeds quickly and easily. Tender meat in hearty sauce, so Sunday roast becomes a real pleasure experience for the whole family. Served with dumplings and red cabbage or a fresh salad, it becomes a hearty-delicious meal.

Conjure up a hearty roast pork in no time - that's how it works

With MAGGI Fix for roast pork, preparation is quick and easy: fry 500g pork in hot oil all around golden brown, then remove. Deglaze the frying set with 375ml of water, stir in the contents of the bag and bring the sauce to a boil. Put the roast back into the pot and let it stew covered with low heat or in the preheated oven at 200 degrees / circulating air 170 degrees for 60 minutes. Occasionally stir the roast sauce and turn the roast once in the pot.

Maggi Fix for roast pork
• This requires: 500g roast pork, 1 tablespoon of oil
• Makes four portions of delicious roast pork
• Juicy and tender roast pork in spicy roast sauce
• Easy to prepare
• Creative and delicious recipe ideas for more inspiration and variety in cooking can be found on

The Nutri score explains for this product:
This product has the Nutri score A.
For the calculation of the Nutri score, a separate algorithm was developed by the French health authorities: In addition to the energy content, "less positive" nutrients such as sugar, saturated fatty acids and salt as well as "positive" ingredients such as fiber and proteins per 100 grams and 100 milliliters are evaluated. The proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts also counts in the score.
After "positive" and "less positive" ingredients have been compared, the products can be classified on the scale. This starts with a dark green "A" (cheaper choice) and ends with a red "E" (less favorable choice). By combining color and letter scale, you can see the nutritional profile of your favorite product at a glance.

Product ingredients

Ingredients: Ingredients: starch, iodine salt (salt, potassium iodate), onions, sugar, carrots, 2.4% spices (paprika, garlic, cumin), sunflower oil, seasoning (from WHEAT), herbs (rosemary, bay leaf), salt, flavor (with WHEAT). May contain CELERY, EGGS, MILK, MUSTARD and SOY.
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