Avocado Oil 100% Pure Indo - European 17oz

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This 100% pure, cold pressed and naturally refined avocado oil is here all the way from Spain to add so much taste and health benefits to your everyday cooking. Avocado oil is considered the Healthiest and most versatile cooking oil that is not used nearly as much as it should be!
It is rich in belly-fat blasting MUFAs. You can use avocado oil for just about any culinary purpose including: sautéing, pan-frying, baking, roasting, popping, marinating, emulsifying, dipping and drizzling. Below are some of the health benefits of this super oil. 
- Avocado Oil Fights Inflammation & Protects the Heart
- Blast Belly-Fat and Fight Diabetes with Avocado Oil
- Fight Free Radicals and Stop Oxidation
- Boost Antioxidants by Up to 400%
- Guard Against Cancers
- Protect Your Liver from Toxins… with a Drizzle

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