Perwoll Wolle & Feines Laundry Detergent 1.44L 24 loads

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Perwoll Wolle & Feines Laundry Detergent 1.44L 24 loads

Modern fiber care for permanently supple and beautiful clothes.

The modern care formula of Perwoll Wool & Fine, specially developed for all fine textiles, ensures a cashmere-soft feeling.

Perwoll Wool & Fine has been specially developed to gently clean wool, silk and fine garments and offers modern fiber care for permanently supple and beautiful clothing:

Protects and maintains the fibers for a cashmere-soft feeling.
Actively prevents the formation of annoying lint and nodules on clothes
Particularly suitable for fine textiles such as silk, cashmere, wool, mohair, viscose and down.
Suitable for colored and white textiles.

Always follow the instructions on the label of each product.

Machine wash (soft and normal water)

  • 75ml with a slight degree of soiling
  • 105ml at normal degree of soiling
  • 135ml at a high degree of soiling

Hand wash

  • 60ml to 10L

Recommended temperature

  • Suitable for all temperatures between 20°C and 60°C


  • 1.5L = 20 washing loads
  • 3L = 40 washing loads

Suitable for fine and sensitive textiles such as wool (cashmere, mohair, llama, alpaca, lamb, etc.), down, silk and viscose.

Perwoll works tirelessly to provide you with the best care formulas so that your clothes stay beautiful longer. Each of our ingredients has been carefully selected to ensure both the best performance and environmental compatibility.

Here you will find a detailed overview of the ingredients of our products.

You can find more details about our commitments in our section on sustainability.


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