Persil Sensitive Laundry Gel 20 loads

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Persil Sensitive Laundry Gel 20 loads


Natural soap & aloe vera for skin-friendly washing.

Product details

Nothing is as close to your skin as washing. That's why Persil Sensitive combines best Persil purity and best skin compatibility. For an all-round good feeling.


The combination of natural soap and aloe vera from Persil Sensitive is particularly gentle to your skin and respects the skin microbiome. At the same time, the washing formula frees your laundry from stains and dirt with the highest Persil washing power. The result is fiber-deep purity and a fresh fragrance.


The gentle washing formula from Persil Sensitive makes it a skin-friendly detergent, especially for babies, toddlers and allergy sufferers.


Tip: It is recommended in particular to wash baby and children's clothing at the maximum permissible temperature before first wearing in order to remove textile chemicals and harmful substances.

Product qualities

Special skin compatibility

With Persil Sensitive you achieve the balance between hygienic cleanliness and gentle skin care. This is also confirmed by the ECARF seal of approval. It certifies Persil Sensitive detergent as a particularly skin-friendly detergent. Thus, it protects the skin of babies, children and allergy sufferers from skin irritation and respects the microbiome of the skin.

Persil Sensitive Gel symbol for "Offers best Persil washing power"

Best Persil washing power

Persil penetrates deep into the fibers to remove even the most stubborn stains such as grass, tomato sauce and baby porridge.

Persil Sensitive Gel symbol for "Contributes a pleasant wearing comfort"

Pleasant wearing comfort

Persil Sensitive with natural soap and aloe vera ensures a comfortable wearing comfort and pampers both your laundry and your skin.

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