Maggi Knodel Halb & Halb (6 Potato Dumplings) 200g

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Maggi Knodel Halb & Halb (6 Potato Dumplings) 200g


Product Information

Would you like potatoes differently? How about delicious potato dumplings? The side dish classic of southern German cuisine goes perfectly with hearty and hearty meat dishes. If you want to quickly and easily conjure up the popular side dish of potatoes, you should try Maggi Potato Dumplings Half & Half!

The classic side dish for roasting: Maggi potato dumplings half & half

Maggi potato dumplings half & half in a cooking bag are a pleasure all year round - whether for dinner with friends or for a Sunday roast with the family. If pork roast, goulash, game roast, beef roulades or mushroom pan are on the menu, Maggi potato dumplings should not be missing! Of course, the dumplings can also be used to conjure up delicious vegetarian potato dishes.

And this is how it works: First put the potato dumplings in a pot filled with cold water (make sure that the dumplings are covered with water) and let them swell for about 5 minutes. Bring to the boil, sprinkle in a little salt and let cook for approx. 1 min. Leave the dumplings to brew in an open saucepan for 15 minutes with little heat, turning occasionally. Then take out the potato dumplings and briefly quench with cold water. Finally, tear open the cooking bags at one end, press out the dumplings and serve. Good Appetite!

Maggi Potato Dumplings Half & Half:

• Makes six delicious servings.
• Classic potato dumplings in a cooking bag.
• The ideal accompaniment to hearty meat dishes.
• Prepared quickly and easily in a few minutes.
• You need this: water, a little salt, a saucepan.

Product ingredients

Ingredients: potatoes, potato starch, modified starch, iodized salt, emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, palm fat, flavors, acidifier citric acid, antioxidant SODIUM METABISULFIT.
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