Mifroma Appenzeller Silver Label (per 8oz)

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  • Mifroma Appenzeller Silver Label (per 8oz)
  • Mifroma Appenzeller Silver Label (per 8oz)
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Mifroma Appenzeller Silver Label (per 8oz)


The delicious herb-infused light taste makes Appenzeller ideal for cooking with, and it is a cheese that melts well.

Appenzeller Silver label can be enjoyed as a simple dessert cheese, and is the perfect companion to crisp, sharp fruit like apples.

Appenzeller silver label is matured for three months, whilst the Appenzeller extra is matured for six months for a deeper, fuller flavour.

Like the White label type, this cheese needs to be ripened for a minimum of three months to allow the flavours to develop.


Appenzeller cheese owes its name to the region in which it is produced: the Appenzell. Situated in the North East of Switzerland, this beautiful mountainous area is rich in folklore and heritage. The fertile herbal meadows lend Appenzeller its unique flavour. The cheese is rubbed at regular intervals with an aromatic herbal brine, the ingredients of which are a closely guarded secret, passed down from generation to generation.

Only 65 village cheesemakers are entitled to produce Appenzeller cheese which is a medium-hard, tangy cheese with a maturation period of between three to six months. It is during this time that the cheese is rubbed with aromatics: the herbs seep through the rind to give Appenzeller its incomparable taste. Throughout production, Appenzeller is fermented and ripened in natural cheese cellars.

Appenzeller has been produced locally for over 700 years and is today one of the most exported and therefore most popular cheeses from Switzerland, and for good reason. Appenzeller is available in varying maturity levels to suit every palate and cheeseboard.

Made in Switzerland

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