BN French Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 295g

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BN French Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 295g


Because we all love this moment of pleasure that is the snack, since 1933 BN has been making a famous biscuit that has become essential: the Goûter Fourré BN. A devastating and legendary smile, a super gourmet filling between two whole grain cookies, all in a resealable package so that they keep a maximum of crunch.

Flavors for all tastes:
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Milk chocolate, Raspberry, Choco-hazelnut, Duo chocolate-milk and Apricot.
You will inevitably find the one that suits you!

My balanced snack is 1 dairy, 1 fruit and not to forget the cereals (and above all for maximum pleasure), 2 BN Filled Snacks.

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