Cucina & Amore Bruschetta Artichoke 7.9oz (225g)

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Most people think of tomatoes when it comes to bruschetta. Cucina & Amore has reinvented this traditional dish with an extra twist, using peppers and artichokes. They are healthy and loaded with nutritious ingredients. Our Bruschetta is and innovative, refined and healthy appetizers that add a different kind of spicy, sweet, or savory kick to any table.



The native crops thrive in the fertile soils of the mild, coastal climate. Local farmers harvest them by hand at the peak of freshness. That's where we transform fresh produce into delicious, high-quality foods before we bring these innovative products home for you.

Versatile and tasty!

Cucina & Amore Bruschetta is a versatile ingredient that goes beyond the typical appetizer. Spread it on a sandwich. Toss it with some vegetables. Just a few more ways you can experience and enjoy Cucina & Amore.


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