Teekanne Magic Winter Collection 6x5 Teabags

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Teekanne Magic Winter Collection 6x5 Teabags

Collection of flavoured fruit teas.

TEEKANNE Magic Winter Collection is a delicious collection of TEEKANNE's best fruit teas for cold winter evenings. Cherish the winter season with delicious varietis of tea from TEEKANNE. The box includes 6 different kind of infusions - for every taste!


FRESH ORANGE: Apple, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, orange flavour (6%), orange peel (5%), acidifier: citric acid, rosehip, chicory.

GINGER & LEMON: Ginger (24%), apple (13%), lemongrass (11%), lemon verbena (11%) lemon flavour (10%), liquorice, orange peel, lemon peel (6%), chicory roots, ginger flavour, acidifier: citric acid..

MAGIC APPLE: Apple (39%), cinnamon (11%), hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, rosehip, cinnamon flavour, orange peels, chicory roots, apple flavour, liquorice, acidifier: citric abid..

MAGIC MOMENTS: Apple, hibiscus, resehip, orange peel (9%), cinnamon, rum-grape flavour, orange flavour..

SWEET CHERRY: Hibiscus, apple, rosehip, cherry flavour, sweet blackberry leaves, cherry (1%)..

WINTER TIME: Apple, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, cinnamon flavour (7%), cinnamon, almond biscuit flavour.



5 tea bags à 2,25g (Magic Apple),
5 tea bags à 2,5g (Winter time),
5 tea bags à 2,5g (Magic Moments),
5 tea bags à 2,25g (Fresh Orange),
5 tea bags à 2,5g (Sweet Cherry),
5 tea bags à 1,75g (Ginger Lemon) = 68,75g


Pour fresh, boiling water over the tea bag and steep for 8 minutes. We recommend using 1 tea bag per cup. Sweeten to your taste.

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