Wed. Feb.17 Guten Morgen Texas!

7:17 am Texas if you need food, I will ship today to Texas UPS Overnight(choose ground shipping)! Warning!! I'm seeing UPS Texas shipments in my system being delayed, so there is no guarantee from UPS.

7:28 am All orders will be shipped same day, in our shipping time frame. Monday-Wednesday we ship Breads & Meats, Thursday Day Limited Breads & Meats (1 day shipments or UPS Saturday) . Limited Saturday we ship Bread  USPS 2 Day for Monday Arrival. All non perishable orders will ship same day 7 days a week.

7:35 am Michael from Lutz, Danke für die Bestellung. 

7:37 am next order ships within 10 minutes 

6:23 pm all orders from today were shipped out, besides the last 3 that needed bread.

17th Feb 2021 Chad

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