Tuesday Dec. 8 Guten Morgen und Willkommen zu

5:42 am I haven't posted for a few days, but we have been here 24/7 shipping out 100s of orders a day and baking fresh German breads. We now have a direct line to reach us at the online store. We can take your orders or you can still call in to the Market/Deli for phone orders (same number  (714) 897-1470).

6:57 am Peter from Gainesville thank you for the first order of the day. Starting off slow today, good time to get your orders in. 

8:13 am Kimberly from Clarksville thank you for the order! Danke!

8:16 am Brigitte from Youngstown thank you for the order! Danke!

9:29 am Amanda from Conway thank you for the order! Danke!

9:31 am Geraldine from Marshfield danke! Tee from Gilbert! Danke! Nicole from Bellevue. Danke! 

Just received this text message.

8th Dec 2020 Chad

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