Tuesday Dec. 1 Guten Morgen und Willkommen to

5:22 am despite the large bright banner, that were are experiencing delays, yesterday was our biggest day ever. 

Yesterday I didn't post much after 8am it seemed, just too busy and left around 8pm.  I'm expecting a lot of help today, so keep contacting me, for order updates, placing orders, shipping issues, shipping cost issues. A lot of orders are going out everyday. 

6:20 am Gayle from OCCOQUAN, thank you for your order and it's shipped!

6:21 am Alexander from Bockhorn, Bayern. Thank you for the gift order to your friend/relative! Danke!

6:25 am while I work on all these existing orders, I will fill the next order within 5 minutes, starting after #4392!

6:59 am Caroline from Clarksville, i'm filling your order now!

7:13 am Caroline, i'm missing an item, we are expecting a shipment today, I will finish your order later today. 

7:20 am I will fill the next order within 5 minutes, starting after #4393!

8:04 am Michael from Clarkston, your order was filled, from 36 minutes ago. 

10.09 am Marion from Absecon called me about her order, lets fill this in 5 minutes!

10:34 am Marion your order has shipped, should be there in 2 days! Danke!

1st Dec 2020 Chad

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