Thursday Nov. 26 Happy Thanksgiving !

Thursday Nov. 26 Happy Thanksgiving !

6:03 am Happy Thanksgiving to my most wonderful German People!

6:26 am Rita from Waxahachie emailed me this. 

"I am not happy! I ordered with a 3 day shipping! I needed my items for today's holiday! Suck!"  

From looking at Rita's order, it was shipped the day after she ordered with USPS priority mail, just what she paid for. $12.55. Honestly it does suck Rita.

7:10 am Richard from Selma thanks for all your orders, I see you made 2 orders this morning, I'll refund the shipping on one of those orders. (i'll try not to forget).

7:16 am just so Ernst won't forget his wonderful German Bread and the great service we provided him to Canyon Country.

7:21 Jane from Perris, this really sucks, there is meat in this shipment! Jane will get this resent on Monday with a different carrier, not UPS. 

My babies first time in a grocery cart at

11:46 am Therese in San Diego you just might actually get your deli order tomorrow.

11:56 am Andy in Redding, we didn't get your order out in time, but we agreed to get it there by Friday. I couldn't decide who to trust more UPS or USPS, but I did choose USPS. 

The shipping crew wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Management (Oktoberfest, Market, Security, Restaurant, Bar, Online, Deli and Bakery)

Restaurant Staff 

Market Staff & Bakery

26th Nov 2020 Chad

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