Thursday Dec. 3 Guten Morgen und Willkommen Zu

6:09 am Baker is here baking our wonderful German breads, life just doesn't get much better than this. 

6:13 Paul from Prospect Heights, thank you for the order! Danke Andrea from Telluride Vielen Dank!

6:22 am I removed all the Dumpling halb & halb, we had 2 shipments come in yesterday and no Dumplings on any of it. We still have bread and potato Dumblings in stock. (update: we are expecting a shipment today or tomorrow)

7:26 am thank you Ralph from Blytheville for the $6.86 order(and you used a coupon) , enjoy your german bread! Thank you Lisa from North Bend! Danke!

3rd Dec 2020 Chad

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