Saturday Nov. 21st shipping deadlines are approaching

Saturday Nov. 21st shipping deadlines are approaching

Guten Morgen. Please contact me if any order is urgent and needs to get delivered before Thanksgiving Day. 

Unless it is a 1 day shipment, Monday will be the only day we ship refrigerated items next week. This mean Monday will be absolute chaos. 

I received an email about free shipping, that it should be free over $100. I have tried Free Shipping for a short time and the result were not acceptable. I don't think you can be a serious business, offer free shipping and stay in business long. Yes you can jack up the prices, lose money or go bankrupt. I have a lot more to say about this, but i'll save it for another day.

11:04 am Charlene from York, SC called and said she doesn't care how many orders or what we are dealing with, she wants her Grabowers. What is frustrating to me, is I put the Grabowers online again for her and now I also get the 3rd degree from her. I took all the Grabower offline now again. I shipped this item on the 19th, let's see if it shows up today, the tracking is not updated.

12:31 Rita from Marshfield called, placed an order with me and I've already shipped it. Danke!

12:51 Stephan from Branson emailed with some complaints, mind you he received $17 off with a coupon, now is complaining he only got 6 Hanuta Waffle packs, instead of 10. Actually we sent you 6x2=12, your welcome you got 2 more. I fixed the listing and technically you got 3 less oz and the Ketchup, so I will refund you 3 oz of Ketchup. We were out of 2 items and we already refunded those. How much should I refund Stephan for 3oz of Ketchup?

Stephan email me back and said everything is cool! Danke! Actually Stephan was being pretty cool!

Thank you Mama Rita for the Borscht und Nuernberger. 

22nd Nov 2020 Chad

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