Monday Nov. 30 Guten Morgen my most brilliant and wonderful Deutschamerikaners!

4:59 am i've been here since 4:30 am , the bakers were already here. 

7.00 am while I work on all these existing orders, I will fill the next order within 5 minutes, starting after #4343.

7:07 am Andrea from Walland, we will full fill your order now!

7:46 am we just had a trespasser issue, slight delay. 

7:55 am Andrea your order has shipped!

8:11 am Joerg from Slanesville, WV i'm going to try to get your order out today, it's a big order! Danke! (one of my first customers, that I started shipping Deli products too.)

8:28 am Cyndie ( the owner) caught a certain (possibly drunk) person, , cooking food in our kitchen this morning. She kicked him out, there was some arguing, but everything is fine. Unbelievable.

30th Nov 2020 Chad

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