Monday 2-15-2021 Guten Morgen to all my German people.

6:42am First I wish my mother well, she is trying recover from some kind of heart surgery, she is still in critical situation. 

My mother usually lets me know whats going on with my 90 year Grandmother, but obviously not happening right now. I talked to my grandmother says she has plenty of money, but she is running out of food. She says her computer is slow and its a real pain to order anything online. She didn't want to go to either, because of her computer. 

I'm going to ship out my grandmother some German food today.

6:48am i'll be shipping out between 30-40 meat shipments today and a variety of smaller shipments. The Baker is still baking the bread for today, I put in orders for every bread order that we have to ship out today. 

6:51am my wife & kids are going on vacation for the next 4 days, so I will be 100% of my time here at to take orders, answer questions. 

7:01am Ich Danke Ihnen Siegfried aus Arcanum für Ihre Bestellung. 

15th Feb 2021 Chad

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