Friday Nov. 27th Rita from Waxahachie is back with Vengence!

Friday Nov. 27th Rita from Waxahachie is back with Vengence!

1:53 pm "What he heck...what kind of business are u? I consider it a lot for 3 packs of dumpling! Don't offer 3 day shipping including cost if you can't fullfill a promise!" 

Once again, you purchased on Sunday( usps & ups are closed) , I shipped on Monday.  Even if you did purchase UPS 3 Day Air, that will still leave you a Thursday delivery on Thanksgiving Day. There was no note saying what day you expected your delivery, there wasn't anything that even said you purchased 3 Day delivery. Technically it was even a miracle I got your order shipped out that fast, during one of the busiest weeks of the year. 

The way shipping works. If I ship on a Monday with 2 day air, it will arrive on Wednesday, 3 Day Air it will arrive on Thursday. In general nothing in shipping is 100%, so you should allow room for error. 

2:11 Frank from Las Vegas called me personally and we discussed some products he received that were not made in Germany. The Knorr Chicken Bullion and Maggi Seasoning Sauce. Frank is a pretty cool guy and we resolved this issue. 

2:18 pm Jenna order #4145 wants to pick up her 8" Black Forest Cake tomorrow or Sunday. I'm not there today, Bakery please bake this cake!

2:32 just wondering Ernst from Canyon Country how that bread tastes? 

3:15 pm I finally have to admit, we can't keep up with orders. Some of the team is out with a cold, so it's good they are staying home, but its just a up hill battle. 

I'm going to prioritize some orders based if they have deli items, where they are shipping to, simplicity, order date. Obviously if anyone contacts me, i'll ship out there orders asap. 

27th Nov 2020 Chad

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