Friday Dec 4 good morning and welcome to

6:08 am we are baking German bread and shipping. 

6:09 am Rich from Burlington thank you for the first order of the day! Danke!

6:12 am Sarah from Schertz, thank you for the order! Danke!

6:13 am just an update on the Dumplings, our awesome customers were buying them up 10 boxes at a time and now we are out of the Halb & Halb. Our suppliers are out and we did not receive any dumplings this week. I'm hearing next week possibly. 

6:17 am Diane from Lancaster, Tx. thank you for the order!

8:30 am we are filling orders as they come in, refrigerated and bread items will be shipped on Saturday and starting Monday. But we will start pulling your order now. Everything else I will ship today!

9:51 am Karen from North Salem, Anna from Berkeley, Ernst from Lake Forest, Bernhard from Montrose thank you for your orders! Danke!

10:20 am Christa from Atwater, thank you for all your orders! Danke!

10:43 Peter from Park City, thank you for the order! Danke!

11:34 am I talked to Christiane on the phone about an order delivery date she would like, what a wonderful woman. German Texans are such nice people! Danke 

11:37 am Paul from Bolton thank you for the order! Danke!

11:39 am Kristin from Irvine, we will let you know when your order is ready for pick up! Danke!

4th Dec 2020 Chad

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