Friday Dec. 18 Guten Morgen und Frohe Weinachten!

6:41 am first thing I want to wish my Deutsche instructor well! 

7:01 am Grace from Bridgehampton thank you for the order! Danke!

7:02 am I want to thank Edith from Mobile for being the first to order on our new listing, Spicy Chicken Mango Brats. Edith you will not be disappointed, please leave us a review on those brats Edith. 

7:49 am Dr. Heinz from Hanahan thank you for the order! Vielen Dank!

5:58 pm we are still working, I am eating some Spicy Mango Brats from our Restaurant for dinner, my mouth is on fire, but I can't stop eating them. 

8:40 pm we had an intruder get into the warehouse earlier today, MB confronted him and things got heated for a minute, but MB wasn't hearing any of it and kicked him to the curb. We have it all on security video. 

8:47 pm B is working on our Affiliate Program, SEB we are close, it's probably going to take a day to figure this out.

9:01 pm Maggi from Winnetka, Cynthia from Stow, Samantha from Christianburg, Lillian from Irvine, Brielle from Lambertville, Tesra from San Diego, Andrea from Pagosa Springs, Sara from Los Angeles, Margie from Las Vegas, Katie from Louisville, Chrissy from Hayward, Tammy from Plainfield, In. Thank everyone of you for your orders today! danke schön!

9:10 pm Ase from Aliso Viejo, Erika from Fairfax, Byron from Wise, John from Waldorf, Cynthia from Whittier, Hailey from Charleston, Enga from Poplar Bluff, Brian from Omaha thank you for your orders! danke schön!

9:16 pm Lisa from Salinas thank you for ordering! Danke!

9:19 pm while some including us are under some type of lockdown, you can always hangout on

18th Dec 2020 Chad

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