Customer Shipping Cost Complaint 10-24-2020

I just selected several items which came to around $124. I CANCELLED everything when I found your shipping charge was over $55. That price is either a rip off or a bad joke - joke is on you I will not be buying anything.

Can you imagine reading emails like this everyday? 

(We have very little control over the costs of shipping at this time, from this one location)

I took over this website, from basically a little speck, to a pretty fairly good size operation now. Completely volunteer on my own time for 6+ months . I ship everything with my own hands, we borrowed no money, built this this with german work ethic and love of the German people. 

We have plenty of orders, where we cover the over cost of shipping or shipping materials. Those shipping boxes, coolers and gel packs are not free. We have coupon codes that help with costs, future plans that, will benefit our customers costs, these things will be happening soon. 

So William just bare with us and help us grow and the costs will come down soon. Thanks Chad

24th Oct 2020 Chad

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