Werners Eierkuchen (pancakes)

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  • Werners Eierkuchen (pancakes)
  • Werners Eierkuchen (pancakes)
  • Werners Eierkuchen (pancakes)
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Werners Eierkuchen (pancakes)

Children prefer to eat them sweetly with chocolate spread or apple sauce,
but adults also come up with the smell of freshly baked
Egg cake not over.

Our pancakes are without raising agents and without added flavors.

Package contents: - Baking mix for 2 x 4 pancakes
individually packaged

Werner's egg cake 2x4 pieces

Table salt

Product may contain traces of egg and milk.

Werner's egg cake 2x4 pieces

Average nutritional information
According to cooking instructions for prepared product.


  per 100 g
Calorific value in kJ 967.0
Calorific value in kcal 231.0
Protein in g 8.8
Carbohydrates in g 24.6
of which sugar in g 5.5
fat in g 10.5
of which saturated fatty acids in g 2.2
salt in g 0.2

1 egg cake equals 297 kcal

Corresponds to the day of printing.
Due to the physiological properties of the raw materials,
change the nutritional information.
Current information can be found at Tel. No.: 0351 649 66 0!

Werner's egg cake 2x4 pieces

  1. Mix the contents of a flour bag and 2 eggs together with 250 ml of milk (1.5%) or water.

  2. Approx. Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil well in a coated pan, pour in a thin layer of dough and bake golden brown on both sides. Warm up! Do the same with the remaining pancakes.

  3. Put the finished pancakes on a plate, serve as desired with a sweet or savory side dish and serve.

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